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Title  ; 블라인드 (pronounced as ; Beulraindeu) a.k.a Blind
Genre                   ; Thriller , Crime
Running Time      ; 111 minutes
Directed By         ; Ahn Sang-Hoon


Kim Ha-Neul ( as Min Soo-Ah)

Yoo Seung-Hoo ( as Kwon Gi-Seob)

Joo Hee-Bong ( as Detective Jo )

Yang Young-Jo ( as MyungJin /the criminal/ )

Dolly ( as Seul-Gi ) 

"The lead roles for the movie Blind, which will be the first “five senses” thriller produced in Korea, went to Kim Ha Neul and Yoo Seung Ho, who have been acclaimed for their acting ability.
Blind is an intriguing human thriller which tells the story of a lone witness of a crime scene who happens to be blind."
-Source: TVReport (Original article in Korean)-
Yes , it is not a new movie , the movie have been released on 2011 , and I just watched it today~ if you haven't watched this movie and if you're into crime , thriller , and a bit of angst , then this movie is for you ~ make sure to prepare a box of tissue before you click the PLAY button though , its a tearjerker movie for me , I cried a lot , I'm that emotionally , so maybe you aren't as emotional as me , but just prepare a bit of tissue , who knows you'll be sobbing much harder than me xD 
ITS a THRILLER indeed , if you're not up into a bit of blood , cuts and bruised , you shouldn't watch this , I don't want you to faint and put the blame on me , I'll warned you already okay :P 
Soo-ah is blind women , seul-gi her guard dog , giseob as soo ah eyes for the crime , there's so many little and big details that makes the movie interesting , no wonder it hit the box office , all the cast did a great job acting as their roles , I can't believe that SeungHo is now in the military , his all grownup now /teary/ pardon me for not keeping up with our topic here , but its just - argh . never mind . 
the director of the movie really deserves all the award and the recommendation that he got :)
Korean movie is spreading through the world , even now , in Malaysia cinema , got a about 2-3 Korean movies , and its about sci-fic if I'm not mistaken (?) I shall try watch it someday , I never really got the chance to watch Korean movie through our cinema /always watched it via online tehee/ 
so yeah , have a great time watching this movie cos I did 8) 
that is all , thank you for taking your time reading :)
by ; NS 

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